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I LOVE RIO is a presentation of Rio de Janeiro with a social, cultural and historical interpretation of all the aspects that make the city the beautiful and unique gem that it is today.

Designed for both quality tourism and in-depth research, the Portal is a virtual stroll along the many corners of Rio that, for a lack of time or opportunity, cannot be directly experienced by the majority of visitors, allowing them to discover hidden dimensions of the city.

The website is part of the I LOVE RIO portfolio of products, each using a different approach to promote and discover the image and fascinating culture of Rio de Janeiro, city and state.

Música Popular Brasileira (mpb) - Brazilan Pop Music, Famous Singers, And The Relationship With Rio De Janeiro, Cidade Maravilhosa
Música Popular Brasileira [Brazilian Popular Music] is like no other genre in the history of international pop music. It is the darling of Cariocas (the residents of Rio de Janeiro, also called "cidade maravilhosa"), a source of great pride and patriotism, and it is no wonder – some of the…
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