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America's Longest War
America’s Longest War, by George Herring, gives an overview of the Vietnam War and its effects on those involved. The book begins by giving the reader a look at the history of the Vietnamese people and the struggle that they have gone through. Some of the struggles that are mentioned…
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Can Your Original Music Sell?
I love listening to music all the time. Its something to help you relax at times and at other times its just something good to have playingin the background. Oh, and theres obviously no kind of party without music either. I like listening to music but I also like playing…
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Why Should You Go To The Gym?
Stop where you are right now. I know you’re probably in a chair somewhere on your computer obviously, but I want you to think about something. How many times do you run a day? Or how many times do you run a week? Uh oh, or is it a better…
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Mac Or Pc
Isn't it always the same question when your buying your first laptop. Pc or Mac? Its the one question that some people know right away and others are completely undecided or confused. Pc advertises their product as more proffessional and business like. Mac reaches out to the younger generation who…
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Internet Marketing Is A Growing Opportunity
Affiliates have to be motivated to be successful. They will be slapped in the face, thrown in the dirt, and told repeatedly that they can’t do it. Can you still keep going after taking that kind of punishment because to be an affiliate you will have to endure something similar…
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