Ingrid M Houde (Street Articles Author)

I'm a new mom (well, kind of new, my baby is growing up so fast!), wife to a fantastic man, veterinary assistant by trade, but a writer at heart.

Recently I made the leap to published author, having written my first book, "Becoming A Veterinary Assistant", really, my worlds have collided.

I'm blessed to have the opportunity to stay at home to raise my daughter, and hope this whole mom thing gets a little easier, so that I have at least a bit of time freed up to do some more writing.

Thank you for checking out my articles, and be sure to read my book! It's my biggest labor of love since having my child!

The Truth About Pregnancy
Before I got pregnant with my first child, my focus was on having a healthy baby, and nothing I had to go through to have that mattered. Everyone was so happy for me and my husband, and my family told me all about the wonderful things to expect. But it…
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