Ithamar Fenerson (Street Articles Author)

My name is Ithamar Fenerson and I’m a full time internet marketing entrepreneur. I make my living completely online from various venues, including niche websites, blogging, affiliate marketing, flipping websites, even selling on eBay.

I stumbled upon Internet Marketing quite by accident. I started out looking on the internet for jobs and the searches led me to discover that people were actually making money online. I have a secret passion for computers and I actually make a little side money repairing them. Although I knew nothing about the IM business, I knew that I had the passion, drive, and determination to learn it.

Now, after experiencing success online in various niche markets, I decided that I would like to share the tricks that have worked for me, that’s how Self Made Success Today came to be. The goal of my blog is to provide valuable content for free to other affiliate marketers to help them fast track their success while avoiding the common pitfalls and traps that causes 90% of internet marketers to fail.

I like to do all my marketing ethically and provide true value to my subscribers. I understand that starting out online can be difficult and not everyone has money to spend on products and software, so my blog will always provide free quality training tips for all, as well as featuring products and recommendations that will help you take your business to the next level.

Your Blueprint To Providing High Value Content
As part of you brand awareness campaign, you've no doubt noticed people talk about the need for high quality content. But what exactly is high quality content and how can you tell if the content you want to create is going to interest the audience you are trying to target?…
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