Ivan Folk (Street Articles Author)

Ivan Folk is a mastering and mixing engineer with a heart of a musician. He is the founder and leader of Mastering7. Involved in music from his childhood played several styles: classical, pop, rock, jazz and folk. He worked as a studio session musician for a long time getting acquainted with both sides of the studio glass. At the age of 12 he started to record his own songs with a small tape recorder. He's been working in studios as an engineer since 1983 used to work with tape recorders, hard-disc recorders and digital workstations. In 1986 He started to build his own sound studios and they became a professional workplace having all the facilities needed for a high quality work.

Why Choose Stem Mastering?
What is it all about? The idea of stem mastering comes from group mixing. It is significantly easier to handle with groups on an analog mixer than individual chanels. We can sum the drum tracks into one stereo sub bus making it possible to set the volume of the whole…
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Affordable Mastering Online
Audio mastering is not commonly understood. It is doubtless one of the most mystified part of CD, MP3, DVD and other audio production processes. Some people even ask: "Do we still need it?" On the other hand "What's wrong with my tracks?" - you might ask. "Why aren't they as…
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