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Endermologie – Can Adding Suction to Massage Cure Cellulite?
Endermologie is described as a suction massage technique. It was developed in France. Regular manual massage was and is touted to get rid of cellulite. Now this type of electrically powered device that kneads the muscles is supposed to fulfill the promise that massage did not, plus do it faster…
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Cupping Therapy for Cellulite – Beautiful or Bogus?
Cupping, though it has been around for possibly 5,000 years, has become the rage of the stars across the globe. What is it? What is the basis for their claims? How is it done?What does it cost?What are the side effects? DOES IT WORK? What to people who have used…
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Is Shock Wave Therapy for Cellulite Amazing Or Just A Shocking Lie?
After having my nearly lifelong concern about Cellulite put into perspective with some real data, I have gone on a search for the best treatment that can actually get Rid of Cellulite. So, when I heard about this Amazing way to get rid of cellulite called Shock Wave Therapy, I…
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