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What to write in an Author Bio lol. I know that I had like changed it like twice now, but bare with me. I want people to know that YES I'm still around. Oh where are my manners at?

Hi, I'm iZero ;D, For those of you who take a glance at my Articles, I sincerely thank you kindly. For real, My motivation comes from my readers in which urge me to keep writing. The aim of my writing is multiple things: To laugh, To Inspire, To be well informed, etc. Basically, I want you guys to keep coming back to see whatever else I decide to write in the near Future :).

It seems that gaming is really a strong point with me, however that doesn't mean I won't write about other topics (Have you be a little well-rounded you know ;P). Also, like I've stated multiple times to people that ask me, I will NEVER fabricate or lie in my writings, nor write out crap for the sake of having another article. Why? I can't do things that 1. I don't and enjoy reading myself and 2. Just for the sake of saying "Oh well I have this many articles". I guess the next best question is to ask "How many of them are good?"

If You have any questions or comments on my work, or simply wanting to get in contact with me, Add my on Facebook and/or Twitter. Hope to hear from you guys soon :D

Update: 1/12/14 - After a 2 year hiatus.. I have to returned to finish what i had started here :) I have a new blog at http://yangscholar.blogspot.com/ . Go over there and check em out :D

The State Of Fighting Games Today
Now, I know it has been quite a few months since I've last wrote anything, and I do apologize. Life does have its ways with me, plus I've been working on a few things in my absence. You should see that in my bio update. Anyways, there has been something…
By:  in  Gaming  >  Communities   Oct 11, 2012  
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The Fantasy Vs the Reality Of Gaming Journalism
Getting paid to write about games seems like a pretty amazing job to me. Heck, who wouldn't want to? To some people looking on the outside, they might think "Wow.. they get to write about games, get paid, and get free games on the side." and while yes, that is…
By:  in  Gaming  >  Communities   Jul 15, 2012  
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Spec Ops: The Line Review
To be completely honest I wasn't even sure if I was going to even buy the game at first. I mean.. yea the demo was BEYOND impressive to me and made me want to go buy the game, but still I had my skepticism about it. They often say where…
By:  in  Gaming  >  Video Game Reviews   Jul 06, 2012  
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Capcom Under Pressure From Negative Press
Well.. Capcom can't seem to catch a break these days. With all the negative press surrounding the 25th Anniversary collection and now the new patch that was suppose to cure Cross Tekken's Bugs, it only seems like their days are numbered. It makes one wonder if we even should be…
By:  in  Gaming  >  Console Games   Jun 02, 2012  
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A Skeptic View Of the Miami Zombie Attack
So I woke up this morning and did my daily "log onto facebook to see what's happening in the world" routine. I laughed at some of the things people posted and saw some pictures...but what really caught my eye was something about a Zombie attack. I figured why not get…
By:  in  News and Society  >  Crime   May 30, 2012  
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Tribute Of The Past Relationships
I honestly don't know what to name the title to be perfectly honest. At first I wasn't even going to write this because I felt like this was a spur of the moment thing and then the feeling behind it fades. Then I came to the conclusion that maybe perhaps…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Inspirational   May 21, 2012  
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Tactics In First And Third Person Shooters Are Dying
So... I had a random thought that has been stuck in my head for a few weeks now.. and I figured I'd share it finally. This is being written off the assumption that people have heard and/or played Call of Duty. Now I understand that CoD has always been an…
By:  in  Gaming  >  Communities   May 20, 2012  
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Spec Ops: The Line Demo Impressions
Now I know it has been a while since I have written anything.. and I will say it's my fault a little bit. I been slacking and haven't been quite focused like I should be. Less on that, I was hanging around on Xbox live and I went to go…
By:  in  Gaming  >  Console Games   May 12, 2012  
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Ninja Gaiden 3 Demo Impressions
Haven't done one of these in a while. Now...for me I saw the reviews and what not for Ninja Gaiden 3 and all I could really think about is "Wow.. This game can't honestly be that bad. I have to check it out for myself." With no cash to actually…
By:  in  Gaming  >  Video Game Reviews   Apr 28, 2012  
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The Thoughts Of A Battered Newbie
This is another time where I rocked back and forth in my chair wondering what kind of title to bring people in. They say a good title brings in views you know? And it's the truth. My thing is, I want every last one of my views to find some…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Empowerment   Apr 22, 2012  
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