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Pet Care Responsibility
Pet care responsibility is, the owners obligation to their pets. No matter what else seems important, and no matter what mindset you have towards your pet, they are, your dependants. Just as much as your immediate family, they depend upon you for their welfare. They look to you for food,…
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Credit Solutions to Avoid Bankruptcy
It is a tough place to find yourself in. More debt payments then income. Struggling to make your payment scedule is a full, time consuming, emotional rollercoaster that never stops. Wheatther you have reached the point of creditors constantly on the phone, or just beginning to fall behind in payments.…
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Cat Urine Odor Getting Rid Of Smell
I had a cat for 19 years,man he was the best. I loved him very much,he was so different from most cats, and he was so affectionate. I took him everywhere I could. He loved to go with me in my van. At the time I operated a coin car…
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Days Like This Are for Movies
I wrote an article last week about what the weather was like here. Nothing has changed. There is still no let up in sight. We are frozen solid for the next week. Can't do anything outside, unless you want to freeze every finger and toe off. I can remember a…
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Best Carribean Vacations
We all have been working hard lately, and it has not been easy. Between the economy and the weather. The time for a vacation has arrived. I'm tired of the cold and snow, every time I look at the roof of my house I am reminded of last month. Snow…
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Online-movie Downloads
This winter is being a long one. This morning we woke up to -30 degrees celcius, with a wind chill of -40 or more. Nothing for outside work gets done in this. So if your job has anything to do with the outside, your probably on some unscheduled days off.…
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