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My name is Jackie and I am a new affiliate marketer who has been enjoying learning the ropes. I've lived in Maine most of my life but grew up on a little Canadian Island just across the boarder from Maine. Campobello Island is in the Bay of Fundy and just off the Maine coast. It used to be a fishing village but these days it's main industry is tourism. This island is where President Roosevelt's spent his summer's, in fact he contracted polio there. I have five wonderful children and six grandchildren who are the center of my life. For many years I worked in the nursing field, geriatrics mostly until I became disabled about ten years ago due to a car accident. I have sense discovered that having a disability is just an opportunity to find all of your many abilities. I enjoy writing, cooking, family, my three dachshunds, learning new things and meeting new people. Thanks for stopping by, Jackie

Dog Skin Cancer; A Silent Killer
Sure, we know all about the risks of skin cancer when it comes to ourselves but you may not realize that dog skin cancer is also very common. Because dogs have fur covering their bodies you may have mistakenly thought there isn't much concern over dog skin cancer. Surprisingly, the…
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Dog Cancer Treatment
Considering cancer is the number one killer of our dogs who are ten years and older, dog cancer treatment is very important. Common types of this devastating disease are; lymphoma, skin, breast and bone cancer. As pet owners we should know the common symptoms of cancer in dogs. Knowing the…
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Sick Pet? Dog Symptom Diaginosis
If your pet is sick the first thing you want to consider is dog symptom diagnosis. Your dog is vomiting and of course it is three AM Saturday morning in rural Nebraska. Don't panic, There are steps you can take to help your pet. There are many reasons that your…
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Health And Dogs; What You Need to Know
When thinking about health and dogs there is much to consider. It isn't always easy to figure out what your dogs diseases symptoms mean. One thing for certain, it is important to have a first aid kit for your pet available. Accidents are bound to happen and when they do…
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Dog Illness Symptoms; Are We Killing Our Pets?
Does your pet have dog illness symptoms? Well, there are some common symptoms like; changes in behavior, poor appetite and the more noticeable ones vomiting and diarrhea. The more important question here is what are we doing to contribute to our dog illness symptoms? One influence that we rarely consider…
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Common Dog Health Problems - What You Need To Know
Arthritis is one of our canine friends most common dog health problems, with one in five dogs suffering in silence. Unfortunately, they can't tell us what hurts. As loving pet owners why are so many of us missing the mark when it cones to identifying our dog sick symptoms? Imagine…
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Pet Health Insurance
Have you been thinking about pet health insurance? Maybe it is one of those things that you know you should have but dismiss as being too costly. The truth is health insurance for dogs may be cheaper than an emergency trip to your vet these days. Did you know that…
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Spaying Your Dog
So, you are thinking about spaying your dog. Did you know spaying reduces the risk of breast cancer by 97% over her entire life span? Reproductive diseases are also eliminated. Besides the physical benefits for your pet, spaying is the responsible thing to do as a pet owner. To many…
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Dog Heat Cycle
Oh no, you waited a bit too long and now your new dog who is barely more than a pup herself at six months old, has begun the dog heat cycle. No need for alarm. With a watchful eye and a lot of patience you can help your pet through…
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Dogs and Crates
Teaching an old dog new tricks is not always easy but crate training older dogs is not impossible either. Of course, older dogs are set in their ways and may have already decided that dogs and crates do not mix but if you get along with your pooch you already…
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