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My name is Jackie and I am a new affiliate marketer who has been enjoying learning the ropes. I've lived in Maine most of my life but grew up on a little Canadian Island just across the boarder from Maine. Campobello Island is in the Bay of Fundy and just off the Maine coast. It used to be a fishing village but these days it's main industry is tourism. This island is where President Roosevelt's spent his summer's, in fact he contracted polio there. I have five wonderful children and six grandchildren who are the center of my life. For many years I worked in the nursing field, geriatrics mostly until I became disabled about ten years ago due to a car accident. I have sense discovered that having a disability is just an opportunity to find all of your many abilities. I enjoy writing, cooking, family, my three dachshunds, learning new things and meeting new people. Thanks for stopping by, Jackie

Pet Care Products
With the many pet care products available, caring for your pets nails should no longer create a deep sense of impending doom for either you or your pet. I used to shutter at the mere thought of something as simple as grooming my pet. The worse part was that so…
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Pets Disease Protection
I am sure you would agree that a big part of taking care of our pets is pet disease protection. Being a pet owner is much more involved than seeing a cute pet and bringing it home. When our family was much younger each child had a pet and in…
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How Can I Stop Smoking?
Every day many people ask, "How can I stop smoking?" Are you one of these frustrated people? Maybe you've even given up hope¬†after trying many of the quit smoking products with no results. If you are one of these people, this article will ¬†give you some very good advice on…
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