Jacob Lamb (Street Articles Author)

As an veteran blogger I have had much experience with writing posts and articles on many different subjects. I have recently been asked to post on websites such as separatedblog and youthmin.org.

Five Steps to Being A Successful Blogger
I remember when I first started blogging, I kept looking for the "secrets and tricks" to make my blog successful and big. It turns out the "secrets and tricks" aren't really "secrets" or "tricks" at all, just common sense. Here are five big steps that will take your blogging success…
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Canon 7d Vs Nikon D7000
So over the Winter I got the Canon 7D, and to be honest I was a little nervous committing. For starters, the camera came out in 2009, as opposed to the new Nikon D7000, which was brand new. There has been a lot of controversy over which of these two…
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