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Hey peeps! My name is Jacob and I'm a college student who is currently taking some time off from school. I enjoy reading, writing, playing softball, video games, playing guitar, and doing pretty much anything sports related.

I hope I can both amuse and inform you with my blogs and learn from all of you at the same time. If anyone has any tips or suggestions for me about my blogs, writing, or pretty much anything. Or you have questions or just want to talk feel free to do so any time!

Halo 4 Release Date
The official release date for Halo 4 has finally been announced! Fans can now begin their plans for the midnight release date on November 6th, 2012 which for me includes finding a store with an INDOOR release or else breaking out the parka and snowpants (dang you North Dakota!) It…
By:  in  Gaming   Apr 18, 2012  
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Is 2012 The Year For Games?
2012 has the possibility to be one of the best years for games that we have seen in quite a long time. Despite 2011 having game releases like Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 this coming year might just have it topped with games like The Witcher 2, Halo 4,…
By:  in  Gaming   Apr 12, 2012  
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New DLC for Modern Warfare 3: Black Box, Black Ice And Negotiator
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has a new addition coming to their DLC family today! (March 13th) The DLC includes a new multiplayer map called Black Box where Air Force One has crash landed in something that looks like the back yard of Beverly Hills. This map appears to…
By:  in  Gaming  >  Console Games   Mar 13, 2012  
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Modern Warfare 3 DLC Review
So as you all know the new DLC came out last Tuesday and those of us who are 360 gamers are lucky enough to be playing them already! Unfortunately do to a contract Activision has with Xbox live our Elite using, PS3 gaming friends will have to wait. It has…
By:  in  Gaming  >  Video Game Reviews   Feb 02, 2012  
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