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I am retired military (paratrooper) who received a Bachelor of Arts, Social Science degree while on active duty. In my 20-year career, I was a reconnaissance specialist, medical specialist, and communications specialist. I served in Desert Shield/Storm, Operation Joint Task Force Bravo, Operation Enduring Freedom, and was part of the evacuation of the Liberian Embassy in 2003. I've deployed to Honduras, Bosnia, Sierra Leona, Liberia, Iraq, and several other countries. After my divorce, I decided to end my military career and relocated to San Antonio to spend time with my daughter.

I advocate for the "Child's Right to Both Parents" through my web site A Child Forgotten, which is a consolidation of information about hostile parenting, parental alienation, false accusations, and other information in support of the "Child's Right to Both Parents." My articles come from personal experience over the past several years. I have experienced multiple allegations and every tactic possible by an angry and vindictive ex-wife in her attempt to sever the relationship between my daughter and me as I seek to spend just a couple of weekends a month with my daughter. I have been to court numerous times and am amazed at just how easily the court is manipulated.

I agreed to a give up parental rights and accepted “no visitation with the child” during the last round of allegations simply because it had become so costly. In one 19-month period, I only saw my daughter three times, each under supervision. I completed a court ordered psychological evaluation, which assessed "the child's only problem is she favors the father," and "that no limitations should be set on the father." I also completed a forensic investigation in which four mothers were interviewed and "each spoke 'goldenly' of Mr. Edwards and his parenting skills and all had left their daughters with Mr. Edwards, unsupervised, numerous times during sleepovers" (my daughter had a lot of slumber parties). Neither the psychological evaluation nor the forensic investigation saw the courtroom. During the 19 months, there was allegation after allegation, and continuances that just became too costly. I had exhausted my life savings and $6,000 of my daughter's college savings. I just couldn't spend any more of her money.

A System Broken, A Child Forgotten
Studies have shown that the visitation schedule set for noncustodial parents, as outlined in the Standard Possession Order, has produced a negative effect on the behavioral development of our children. Children who already are experiencing the conflicting and confused emotions inherent with divorce must now deal with one parent, predominantly…
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