James McLoughlin (Street Articles Author)

James is a Green Press Co-Founder. The boy from Alice Springs got his nutritional education while living in New York for three years and then moved to another new city, Melbourne, with not much more than his Norwalk juicer. A bunch of recipes and a desire to be an entrepreneur had James learning the City of Coffee all the while saving his pennies to start his dream eatery. A dream shared by his nutritional educator and partner, Lindsay. As well as his protege chef brother, Miles.

James developed most of our organic juice recipes from his shoebox Soho apartment, with the pressing now taking place at 525 Little Collins St.

What Fruits Make for The Best Smoothies
We probably don't eat enough fruit in the raw. But we value them tremendously. Especially in smoothies. They create the creamy texture and bring sweetness. Plus a whole host of nutrients. Freeze 'Em You already know this but if you want a creamy and cold smoothie without ice, freeze your…
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