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The Nutribullet - Is it A Scam?
You've probably heard of the NutriBullet first on the infomercial by David Wolfe. In the infomercial, David has made some seemingly far-fetched claims that, unlike other common blenders, the NutriBullet has a patented blade technology that breaks down the cell walls of fruits and vegetables, thereby turning the foods inside…
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Electric Indoor RC Helicopter for Boys
Perhaps you're looking for an electric indoor RC helicopter as your son's gift, or a guy interested in buying one for yourself. Either way, I give you a warning: these toys are very addicting. RC Toys and Boys No matter what type of vehicle (or creature) it is, any boy…
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RC Helicopters for Flying Indoors
A Great Hobby Remote Control Helicopters are one of the best gifts to give to guys, young and old. Whether it be as a christmas present or a birthday gift, pretty much any guy will love what they see when they tear that wrapping paper up. If you're a guy…
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Is Money Bad for You?
You clicked on this article because of two reasons. The first reason is you were browsing around on the internet and came across the title and thought, "how could anyone think money is bad for you?" The second reason is obvious, you feel guilty about earning too much money and…
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How to Succeed In Life
Imagine yourself waking up each morning finding that you have everything you wanted in life. Imagine going to bed night after night with a feeling that you have achieved everything that needed to done for that day, and not having to worry about tomorrow. This is a much desired feeling…
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Famous Quotes on Success
I don't know about you, but I've always loved famous quotes on success. For some reason, these words of wisdom spoken by the famous people of the past and present have an almost magical quality to them. When you speak them out loud, they make you feel wise and strong.…
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