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Scoop from the Coup—The Scoop

So why the name Scoop from the Coup? What idiot would name a series of stories, reflections and a book such a strange name? Me. You see most of the things I write are written while on our farm. My wife and I own a Poultry farm in North Georgia where we raise around 67,000 chickens every six weeks or so. Years ago I was asked to serve on our Church Council, Christ the KingLutheranChurch in Cumming, Georgia, and eventually as President. Part of my responsibilities was to write a bi-monthly article for our newsletter and hence “The Scoop from the Coup” was born.

Those not written on the farm were written either in the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe or anywhere in between. You see my wife and I also own a Travel Agency, named Uniglobe Love to Travel (because we Love to Travel) and between chicken flocks we traveled the world.

I have been an entrepreneur all of my life. I have bought and started a Franchise (Carpet Genie), and ended up as the President of the Franchisor. I became the President of a Video Production and Distribution Company doing millions of dollars in sales. And just so you do not get the wrong idea, I am not a “Gentleman Farmer” where some one else does all the work. Just before writing this I just came up from checking on 64,000 chickens. I did not drive down in some Mercedes but a pick up truck. I seldom clean the inside because I laughingly claim that it is the chicken *hit that keeps it together.

So my stories are wide and varied just as my background. I work in jeans and own two tuxedoes and am equally comfortable in both. I write about what I feel and see. What I know to be true and what I wish were true. I write from experience and from the Heart. Stories are happy and sad because Life is the same way. They will make you laugh or make you cry.

So log in or log out. Enjoy or criticize. Comment or don’t.

But know this: Scoop from the Coup is meant to feed your mind and you’re Soul.

Pray for me, I’ll pray for you.


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