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I am a Registered Nurse looking to becoming a Internet Marketer. I have been interested in Affiliate Marketing for a long time.

I have never found a site I thought would teach me how to set up my website, publish articles, connect to SEO, and teach me how to continue expanding my site. I have found the only site I want to be affiliated with now. That site is Wealthy Affiliate. Attend the Wealthy Affiliate University and you will not turn back.

I appreciate any feedback on my articles - positive or negative.

I live in the South with my mother, grandson, and his wife. We all have our own living areas and get along well. My mother is 87 and works every weekend. I figure I should live as long as she has and I have a lot of years to set up plenty of websites and write lots of articles (for all of you to read.) My grandson and his wife are in their early twenties. Both are in college and planning on getting great jobs. They both have part time jobs now.

I am excited to be here. Mostly I am excited about starting my Internet Business.

Good luck to us all.

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