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Jane Eyre writes about happiness, positive thinking, meditation, miracles and the power of your mind at www.happierthanever.com and has written a free ebook "Seven Surprising Ways to be Happier than Ever" for you.

Affirmations From The Heart
"You look great!" How did that make you feel? Young and playful, with a warm glow in your heart? "You are the most important person in my life." "Thank you for being my friend." "You bring me luck." What wonderful words to hear from loved ones! And then there are…
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Clean Out Your Closets!
If you're reading this, you probably want to clean out your closets...or at least think you should. Now that you’ve let go of the extra weight, how do you let go of the unwanted things you have shoved in the back? Are you even sure what's in there? Very likely…
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Clean Out Your Drawers
Do you want to clean out your drawers? Help is here....read on for fast and easy tips. If you want to clean out your drawers, I think I know which drawer you mean. We're not talking about the sock drawer - you don't need help with that one. Or the…
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Declutter Your House With A Feng Shui Trash Day
Are you desperate to declutter your house fast? My clutter is like a bad rash that won't go away. But I finally got rid of it forever with my magical new tool. I call it the Feng Shui Trash Day and do it for nine days. What is a Feng…
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How to Declutter Your Home With the 80/20 Principle
Looking for tips on how to declutter your home? So much "expert" advice seemed more complicated than the clutter...until I found the 80/20 Principle. It works for me and if how to declutter your home is a problem, it can work for you, too. What is the 80/20 Principle? Also…
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Live Without Clutter
What is clutter, really? Clutter is disorder. Clutter is confusion. Clutter is what we don't want keeping us from finding and enjoying what we do want. Clutter is blocked energy. Could you live without clutter? Would you even like to? What kind of life would it be? A life without…
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Madly In Love With My Bona Mop for Hardwood Floors
I’ve found true love at last...with my Bona mop! It makes cleaning my hardwood floors so easy and they have never looked better. How my Bona mop captured my heart I'd never heard of Bona mops until my neighbor started raving about hers. It was weird. Who brings up a…
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Take Vitamin D to Lose Weight Without Trying
Researchers are always turning up new ways to lose weight without trying....and the latest is taking vitamin D. Vitamin D is not really a vitamin although it behaves like one in your body. It's a fat-soluble steroid that you body will make for you if you have enough exposure to…
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The Game Of Life And How to Play It
Long before Norman Vincent Peale wrote about The Power of Positive Thinking or The Secret told us we can have anything we can imagine, Florence Scovel Shinn self-published the classic "The Game of Life and How to Play It" in 1925. Shinn was a pioneer of motivational thinking who took…
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Affirmations for Money
Why do we need affirmations for money? You don't, unless you need money! And do you want to keep the money you have? Do you feel confident you will always have enough money? Do you need money for a special purpose, like your child's education? We all have beliefs about…
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