Janice Watson (Street Articles Author)

Hi there, I'm Janice a mum, teacher and passionate dog lover.

My family have kept dogs for as long as I can remember and since I've had children of my own there has been a dog in the household.

My husband and I love labrador retrievers. Currently, we are the proud owners of a labrador called Digger. Digger displays the typical traits of his breed: characterful, sociable, boisterous and ... oh yes, he likes to eat.

Unlike some of the other larbradors we have owned and loved, Digger has a number of health related issues. He has a noise phobia which makes him terrified of fireworks, gunshot and thunder. Recently he has developed fatty tumours and is on a perscription diet to help him lose weight. We have sought constant help and guidance from our veterinarian and have learnt much about the health and welfare of dogs in the process.

I have tried to write articles related to the problems we have encountered in the hope that the information can help other people facing similar concerns with their pets.

Convalescent Diet - What To Feed A Dog In Recovery
A lot can happen in two weeks. To start with the dog slipped a disc which partially paralysed both his back legs. He was hospitalized for several days during which time he had intensive daily sessions in a hydrotherapy pool. The prognosis was grim, and we were devastated. A week…
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For The Love Of A Dog
I have just had one of the worst weeks of my life. The dog has been seriously ill and we have been distraught for days. In fact I’m writing this article to emotionally purge myself of the upset. Our Labrador is 9 years old and he’s had a few health…
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Health Problems - Obese Dog
I have a constant battle on my hands these days. I have a daily “skirmish” with my overweight Labrador over the amount of food he eats. This is a breed of dog well known for their love of food, but there does seem to be a misconception that it’s Ok…
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Cushing Syndrome - Dogs
My Labrador was diagnosed as being overweight six months ago. Since then he has been on a strict weight control diet. Initially, the vet recommended a diet dog food which we gradually introduced into his normal feed times. After a month we took him back to the vet to assess…
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Foods Dogs Can't Eat
My parents have kept dogs most of their married lives. They are now elderly have no dog of their own, but occasionally they look after mine. My dog loves staying with them, and there is a good reason for this – he gets fed treats. Now usually this would be…
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Can Dogs Eat Eggs?
I keep chickens. Not many, but they are all excellent layers even in the middle of winter. Every morning at an early hour I collect eggs from the previous day and, occasionally on my return to the house, I drop some. Now people would say, get a basket or something,…
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Arthritis And Exercise Dogs
Part of my dog’s weight loss regime is regular exercise. His weight was never a problem in his early years, but as he moved into middle age, he became more “measured” in his approach to exercise. Fewer calories burned, with the same amount of food, meant the weight piled on.…
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Research Dog Food Ingredients - A Consumer Fight Back
I have been unable to pick up a British newspaper this week without reading about the scandal in the European processed food industry. Horsemeat has been discovered in beef products. Politicians are up in arms about the mislabelling of food. Products are being whipped off shelves faster than people can…
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Bad Ingredients - Dog Food
I am very careful what I feed my family, but in the past I have not been as careful about what I feed the dog. Just like humans, a dog’s health will be influenced by what they eat. If they eat a good nutritious diet the chances are they will…
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Best Dog Food For Overweight Dogs
I have an overweight Labrador. I know I have to help him with the weight problem, but here’s my dilemma. I want him to lose weight and enjoy his food. Since he went onto diet food I have become increasingly frustrated about finding a feed that will keep him healthy…
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