Jared McMahon (Street Articles Author)

Jared was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. He is currently working on a bachelor's of science through an on-ground campus at the University of Phoenix. Jared is passionate about pool, a wise hobby to practice in Seattle when it rains. He is also an animal lover with years of training in the proper care and maintenance of dogs, cats, reptiles, small animals, birds, and fish. His home is currently owned by a cat named Marta who allows him to keep a 100 gallon Malawi African cichlid aquarium.

Jared is a do it yourself master. Need to do wiring, plumbing, oven repair, fridge repair, or carpentry? He can show you where to start. Completing projects without paying professionals is highly rewarding.

Writing is Jared's greatest passion. He currently maintains a website where he posts his insights and short stories. Effectively communicating an idea that informs and entertains people brings him great pleasure.

Amazon Prime Wins Viacom Channels From Netflix
My friend and I love watching Netflix shows together. It was a warm night in the end of May when I was trying to queue up one of our favorite Comedy Central shows when something terrible happened: the show was missing. I searched all of Netflix and it was nowhere…
By:  in  Shopping and Product Reviews   Jul 02, 2013  
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Best Flea And Tick Control for Dogs
With so many varieties of flea medication on the market, it's hard knowing which one is the most effective for the best cost. When I'm looking at flea medicine for my pets, I focus on safety, effectiveness, and cost. I'm going to some of the guess work out of choosing…
By:  in  Pets  >  Dogs   Jun 19, 2013  
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