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Off Road Riding 101 What To Wear
Riding on off road motorcycle in shoes, jeans, and a tee shirt may seem normal for some. But most of us who have ridden before know that without the proper mx apparel and protective gear you are asking for injuries. The proper helmet, boots, goggles, pants, jersey,and gloves is just…
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Preview Spring Creek Outdoor MX National Championship July 16, 2011
The Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship returns to action this weekend at Spring Creek MX park in Millville, MN. It is round 7 of the 12 race series that pits the fastest motocross riders in the U.S. split into two classes, the 450cc big bikes, and 250cc lite bikes.…
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Gopro Hd Helmet Hero Camera Review
Almost fifteen years ago I had the chance to wear a helmet cam while racing motocross. It was a lipstick style camera mounted under the visor of my helmet that included wires running under my jersey to a recorder that I had to wear around my waist. While the chance…
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Mx Parts And Accessories
I remember like it was yesterday, my first off road motorcyle. A brand new 1996 Honda CR250R. No sooner then I had my new toy loaded in the truck to take home I ran back inside the "candy store". Thats right, the parts and accessories area of motorcycle dealers everywhere.…
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