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Is there A Megaupload Alternative?
This weekend the US authorities shut down Kim DotCom (aka Kim Schmitz) and his MEGA network including Megaupload and Megavideo. While users scramble for alternatives to Megaupload or Megavideo, a transformation is taking place. The internet itself is reshaping. Whether we like it or not. Whether for good or bad.…
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How to Get EDU Backlinks to You Site In Under 1 Minute
One of the keys to great SEO is having great backlinks. The recent Google Panda update might of changed how much backlinking weighs in your overall SEO ranking however getting backlinks is still an important base in the foundation of the SEO process. Yes, I consider SEO a process. A…
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DIY Spider Control
Pest control can be quite expensive. Besides the cost to your pocket it can aslo be harmful to you and the environment. Toxic pesticides can have unseen side-effects and still yeild only limited results. Why not take your pest problems into your own hands? You can even do it naturally!…
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