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The Harmful Effects Of Second Hand Smoke
In this article I want to talk about the harmful effects of not only the mainstream smoke that a smoker takes in while enjoying his cigarette, but the adverse effects that second hand smoke has on someone standing nearby. Most smokers don't take into consideration what is happening while exposing…
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Google Sniper 20
This article is about an excellent program that I just started that has really got me ranking super fast in Google's search engines. The program is called Google Sniper. Google sniper was created by a man named George Montague Brown, a 20 year old self made millionaire by way of…
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The Electronic Cigarette
In this article I will talk about the pro's and the cons of the electronic cigarettes on the market today. I have experimented with several of them. while some have been an enjoyable experience, others have just plunged down to the very bottom of my list. Some have offered several…
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Nascar 2011: the Game
With only days left until the release of the newest edition to the NASCAR series "NASCAR 2011: The game, racing fanatics are gearing up for the ride of their lives. There will be some awesome changes to the popular game from earlier versons. For one, Electronic Arts has taken a…
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Far Cry 2 - Overlooked (review)
Have you maybe seen the Far Cry 2 game on the shelf and thought that maybe it wasn't for you? Or have you played it for a couple of minutes and decided it was lame or lacking in areas? Well I did both in a sense. I rented the game…
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How A Four Stroke Engine Works
When I first learned about how a four stroke engine works it actually blew my mind. Alphonse beau de Rochas first patented the engine in 1861 though years late Nicolaus Otto, A famous engineer came up with the concept and built the first car model that used the enging after reading…
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Revolution Of Motion Gaming
Everyday the world of gaming is becoming a more active hobby. It all started with the Wii console, You have to give Nintendo credit where credit is due. Nintendo revolutionized the industry with the very first concept of motion gaming, preceding Sony's Playstation Move, and Microsoft's Xbox Kinect. But here's the…
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How A Wright Crane Works
This is just a short article about how Acco-Wright cranes work. I'm going to explain using  a crane with two hoists, two trolleys, and a bridge, which runs off of a 480 volt primary voltage, drawing 30 amps of power. To some this article may be confusing, and to others that…
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