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One Spark Of Madness!
One little spark of madness; that is all we are given in our life; one stroke of magic, one talent to be used to the best of its ability. God says to us upon our birth, “Don’t lose it!” Robin Williams acknowledged the fact that we are born with this…
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Breaking the Cycle Of Negativity
People that are going to choose to walk on the road to Motivation are going to have to do some hard things in their lives. One of the hardest things a person is going to have to do is break all ties with negative people. The Road to motivation blog…
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Readers R Leaders !
I wanted to bring you a special blog for the weekend. I have been thinking about how important books have been in my life. I was prompted to just sit down early Saturday morning and write this to the readers of The Road to Motivation. Charlie Tremendous Jones, when he…
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