Jeffingstone (Street Articles Author)

We are living in semi-rural countryside as family of four, we parents, two children, a dog, 3 cats, 2 goats, chicken and a vegetable garden. I am always willing to learn new things, hear different opinions, always in the bright side. I am enthusiastic gardener, cook, inventer, reader, researcher and mechanic. I simply adore nature and life itself. I have tried to figure out a lifestyle which is same time sustainable exciting and healthy. It's under construction, always will be.

I have learned that we must relearn - many times unlearn and learn again. Our life is soaked on commonly agreed fallacies that must be dried out one by one. That's a hard job.

Make Your Own Toothpaste
Just reading the list of ingredients in local grocery store toothpaste, makes one wonder if we need all those strange looking names in own body. If you have time to dig deeper and really take time and research to find the answers, the overall answer is no, we don't need…
By:  in  Health and Fitness   May 15, 2012  
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The Only Way to Stop Smoking
Almost all smokers and ex-smokers have equally trained thought of quitting smoking. It's scary, hard and close to impossible. Every smoker has tried to stop smoking, most smokers many times. Why stopping is so difficult? During my 15 years smoking career I have quit several times. Then I figured out…
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