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I have had issues with falling asleep for over 20 years. About 7 years ago, my holistic doctor suggested the use of biofeedback to help me fall asleep faster. I had used biofeedback years ago to help reduce stress, and it worked extremely well. The problem was, at that time, biofeedback machines were extremely expensive, a tad on the large side, and mostly available only in doctors' offices. My holistic doctor recommended a small personal and portable biofeedback device that was reasonably priced and so small that I could put it in my pocket and use it virtually anywhere. It didn't take me long to master the unit to the point of using it for stress reduction. It did, however, take several weeks of practice to have it become an affective tool in alleviating my sleep issues. I was so pleased with the results that I started researching biofeedback and its many uses. I have recently started to use it as a meditation tool. I have found that the feedback from the device helps me zone in to the proper state of meditation that helps me most.

I'm extremely passionate about biofeedback and believe in it's effectiveness in helping a person reach a state of coherence; a state in which our physiological systems function more efficiently, we experience greater emotional stability, and we also have increased mental clarity and improved cognitive function. Simply stated, our body and brain work better, we feel better, and we perform better.

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