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Cheap Home Security Tricks Anyone Can Do
Your home is an important extension of yourself, and its security is paramount. Home security should be a high priority in your life, but the installation of a home security system can be prohibitively expensive. The costs associated with technology and monitoring systems can seemingly put home security out of…
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Burglars Use Garage Door Openers to Breach Home Security
It’s not a new trick, but it works. Burglars break into cars, sometimes just by opening unlocked cars, press the garage door opener button, and walk right into the house. Most homeowners don’t realize that the garage opener is one of the most successful home burglary tools used frequently by…
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Facebook Founder Faces Security Breach
Think your Facebook account is completely private and secure? Think again. Earlier this week, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s own private Facebook account was infiltrated and his private images were posted on the internet for the world to see. This hack wasn’t illegal; it involved using a known flaw in the…
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Nevada Ranks Last In Study, First In Hearts Of Residents
Nevada residents know about the great things their state has going for it. There are beautiful rivers, mountain ranges, a mild desert, thriving agriculture, and of course, Las Vegas entertainment. But on the Opportunity Index, a nationwide ranking of states for economic opportunity, Nevada has come in dead last just…
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Future Royal Residence Needs $47 Mil Home Security Upgrade
Even the British royals have to worry about home security. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, also known as Prince William and Catherine, have received approval from the Queen of England to live in apartment 1A in Kensington Palace. Before they can move in, however, the home will need to…
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