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Jenna Pepin is a permanent resident of Baja California who works for Baja Open House, a boutique style real estate company with a 100% rate of delivering clear title to buyers in every Baja real estate transaction. Visit our website to learn more about how Baja Open House can help you.

Baja real estate is not hard to obtain as long as you start with a good knowledge of the basics. On our website, we offer a large portfolio of Baja real estate articles on a variety of topics to help you learn more and find all of the answers you are looking for.

Baja Real Estate - Is the Ocean Really Bluer on the Other Side Of the Road?
Here in Baja, a lot can depend on which side of the road you live on - the size and layout of your home, the cost and amenities offered, and much more. Most of Baja's prime real estate lies along Highway 1 which hugs the Baja coast from Tijuana to…
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