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Hi! I'm Jennifer, but online I am better known as PotPieGirl.

Yes, that's a very quirky name - but it fits me ;)

I've been working online since 2007 and have managed to go from zero to AMAZING in these few short years.

Besides working online I love to golf, read, play card games, and travel.

I'm a mom, step-mom, mother-in-law, AND a grandmother (and yes, I am wayyyyy too young to be a!)

Thanks for stopping by!

Jennifer ~PotPieGirl

Best Vacuums for Dust Allergies
There are few things that can aggravate the allergies as much as the particles that can gather in your carpet. They come from everywhere -- from the grass outside, from your pets, from dust on your furniture, from food particles in your kitchen. They gather in your house and they…
By:  in  Home Improvement  >  Cleaning Tips and Tools   Oct 27, 2013  
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Hearing Protection Headphones for Kids
Those little ears need protection! Loud sounds from popular events like concerts, fireworks, and NASCAR races can be very bad for kids ears and hearing....and for yours as well. It is super important to get quality hearing protection for your kids when you plan to have your child join you…
By:  in  Home and Family  >  Babies Toddler   Oct 27, 2013  
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