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I enjoy taking care of chickens and other fine feathered creatures. You can visit my website at to get more information about raising chickens. I also raise Muscovy ducks and turkeys. I also have a health related site at, it talks all about the thyroid.

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Signs And Symptoms Of Thyroid Disease
The signs and symptoms of thyroid disease can be hidden due to the numerous effects that thyroid disease can have on the body. Figuring out and resolving the thyroid symptoms can not only bring quality of life but a sense of well being. Some of the common signs and symptoms…
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How to Raise Baby Chickens In Your Own Backyard
Learning how to raise baby chickens can be a very rewarding hobby and if cared for properly, they will bring years of enjoyment along with eggs and meat that is gathered out of your own backyard. Baby chickens have a few basic needs to make sure that they survive and…
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