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Hi my name is Jerad. I was born and raised in a very small country ~ Singapore. I love playing video games since young. I love my family too. Hence, my very first article in is about family bonding while playing video games. :) Since young, my favorite game was the original Super Mario. My second article's about my memorable childhood games. :)

Mastering Wordpress And Using it to Make Sales Content
Are you interested in making money online with sales content? As the most powerful open source content management system available, Wordpress is perfect for creating online sales content. If you are interested in using Wordpress to make money online, here is how you should get started: Master templates, learn how…
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Memorable Video Games
Memories of Past Video Games Most people who grew up in the 90's will admit that there was really nothing else to do except play video games. Kids these days are now able to play on the internet and so they will not know much about past video games. However,…
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Home Video Gaming - Family Gathering?
Why you should have games at your next gathering? When it comes to family bonding and gatherings, most people will admit that they tend to run out of things to do. In order for a family gathering to go well, everyone needs to be able to have one thing in…
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