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What's up guys , the name is Jeremy. I' am intrested in Guitars,drums,biking,good conversations,nature, finding the truth, becoming an affiliate marketer. I'am 20 years old , Born an raised in NJ. My main goals are to acheive the small ones first , and go futher and further. I want to create a business out of affiliate marketing and help a lot of people as well at the same time. There are so many problems that people have that need guidence in there life , and in the buisness I ' am getting myself in to will do just that. I want to help find people's solutions to their problem. In the affilaite marketing business I have learned in a short ammount of time that it is not , and never will be about the money.

Tornadoes 2012
In the beginning of the new year , we are already seeing deadly tornadoes sweep across the nation. Normally this is a bit early for tornadoes to form , but it seems spring is just about here, especially in most parts of the Untied States. Recently deadly tornadoes , and…
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Bmx - Basic Tricks
I believe that having the freedom to ride a bike, and the feeling of enjoyment while your riding is a very beautiful thing. Weather if your riding to do tricks, riding to break a sweat, or just going on a joy ride to go to the store it's really one…
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Mainstream Music Like ? Or Dislike ?
Oh man i can talk about this all day! I want to know anybody's opinion in this matter. Did you ever work in a place that plays the same old songs that you've been listening to for 30 years ? I gotta say It drives me bonkers when i listen…
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