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Cruelty to Animals (dogs), Part II
Cruelty to dogs can be in the form of overcrowded, unsanitary conditions which lead to disease and even death. But it can manifest itself in far more appalling forms. We will look at some of these. Dogs are social animals. They will live in packs if left to their own…
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Cruelty to Animals (dogs), Part I
I am an animal lover. I like all animals, but I mainly like dogs; after all I have a houseful of them. I therefore do not understand how some people can be cruel to dogs. I have never known of a dog that asked to be mistreated. We hear of…
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Three Dogs, Three Personalities
We have three small dogs that live in our house. The oldest is a six year old miniature Dachshund male. His name is Coleman. Next oldest is Chloe, a three year old female Chihuahua. The youngest is Bella, a one year old female Yorkshire Terrier. They have very different personalities…
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Do Our Dogs Understand Us?
Do you believe that dogs can understand the words we say? Or do you think that they just associate the words with the actions that follow them? Many people would say that dogs don’t understand what we say. Then there are others that believe our dogs know exactly what we…
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