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Hello my fellow entrepreneurs,

I run an online educational community that basically teaches us everything about "Affiliate Marketing". Theres a live chat feature for connecting and networking with others just like you and I, also a few courses for maximizing google ranks on all our blogs, sites, videos and more (SEO).

I have also created a few step by step courses for building social media marketing campaigns, as well as building and maintaining relationships. At the end of the day there is something for every one one to gain if you are in the online industry. (Also Video tutorials for every course).

My name is jesse, owner and creator of Affiliate Marketing Babies. Come say hello and tell me more about yourself! Also feel free to advertise your PPC, CPA's and take advantage of all the back-links you can possibly think of.

How To Increase Online Sales
The other day I was watching what I thought to be one of the best documentaries 2012 had to offer. You might of seen it before, "Surviving Progress"? Naturally, A couple bevies later I couldn't help but have this amazing idea. You see the narrator has this tremendous grasp of…
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