Jill Jethro (Street Articles Author)

I am a biologist from my undergraduate degree, have an elder brother who is a medical doctor(allopathic medicine) and I myself worked for a homeopathic nutritionist from India after I graduated. This is over twenty years ago before working in the area of engineering human relationships and then pursuing my doctorate. All of this and my life experience has pointed me in the direction of finding naturally existing remedies for many of my own physical and mental balance needs when I've gotten off balance and overly stressed out. I've grown fond of and convinced of many natural supplements' capacity to bring back such balance. And I'm a big proponent of pre-empting bad health with strong lifestyle practices.

Now, I had a friend once who eschewed me with "Look, Jill! I have no problems with antibiotics and prescription medications!" This is not to take away from all approaches that can address individual needs. I just prefer to first explore what exists naturally in nature because usually they don't include the unpleasant side effects inherent in antibiotics or prescription medications.

I wanted to focus on a healthier stress busting lifestyle and mindset because I have things to do, places to go, people to love, problems to solve, horses to ride, new frontiers to push out in my mind and worlds to love. But, I realized my passion for life can be stressful. Sometimes I care too much and can be super focused on the ideal so I can bring on my own stress. So, at 50 I've stopped to tweak the tools in my toolbox, weaving together what I've learned of life and how I can be better prepared to take a running jump over the next sink hole and still land on my feet, solid and whole. I also want to be a healthier example to my kids of being a proactive, mentally, spiritually and physically healthy life navigator, not afraid to face challenges and problems and prevail.

This is my learning ground and you are my community of collaborators.

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