Joan8 (Street Articles Author)

A Little About me . . . I grew up in a town that was 6 blocks north to south and 8 blocks east to west. I attribute this to my small town values. However the little town was smack in the middle of Large cities which cover a lot of New Jersey history. those towns were Paterson, NJ Hackensack,NJ, Newark NJ and New York City, NY.

So I kind of felt I had the best of both worlds. I easily relate to all walks of life and they all have my full respect. I try to live my life as honestly as possible. I have this great desire to fight for the Constitution of the United States.

I am appalled on how the country I Love and hold dear to my heart is mistreating the people who are the backbone of this great country.I had the opportunity to travel for three years through every state as an Over The Road Truck driver and I am telling you what a beautiful country we live in. Allowing money and greed to affect or farms our food our jobs is just a disgrace. I am only one person and would be like an ant against aardvark.

So I direct my writing to real life situations that I live and read about. When I write I try to use only three elements, 1. My Heart 2. My Brain 3. My hands.

I try to keep a creative flow in that order.

Often I will write about subject matter that people feel deep down inside. I often try to put myself in some else's shoes and to really dig deep into the emotional aspects of their situation.

I Keep it simple, and try to reach out to individuals not as an authority but as a friend, a good listener. If I write something that touches the emotions of another. Even just one.

I've accomplished my goal. I truly hope you enjoy what I come up with.

Mickey Rooney Is Dead But Not Forgotten
Mickey Rooney Was A Living Legend He was born in Brooklyn, NY on September 23, 1920. His birth name was Joseph Yule Jr. He started his acting career after his first birthday, getting his big start on vaudeville stages with both of his parents. He reached his stardom in Hollywood…
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Get Legs Rid Of Cellulite
Ask any woman today about how they feel about cellulite and you will so much confusion about they explain what they think it is. That is so sad since its really not that complicated. Most people don't know what it is or how it forms under the skin. Get this…
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Bringing In the Green And Not Leaving Home
Are you tired of working long hard hours for little pay? Or how about getting your hours cut and losing sleep over how your going to pay your rent and utility bills. I don't know about you but I am so tired of making other people money. When they have…
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Want Good Therapy? Dogs
Ever come home to an empty house and have a sinking feeling that something is missing in your life? You go through the same old routine day after day. You have a great job. Your bills are paid. You have a decent social life, but you just can't put your…
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You Say Tomayto I Say Tomato
No matter how you say it. It is one of natures amazing foods Full of healthy vitamin C low in sugar but high in magnesium and potassium. Botanically known as a fruit but considered a vegetable for culinary purposes. Full of diversity in its preparation from eating them raw to…
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I Can't Believe I'm Not Being Scammed
Well It goes like this, I'm so determined to work at home. Just because I want a better quality of life. I'm intrigued by Affiliate marketing. Just as long as I do not have to be a pushy sales person. I don't want people to be put off by me.I…
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A Vintage Story About A Vintage Cook Book
The other day I was looking through my cookbooks. I was searching through some of my old bread books for that special recipes I was in the mood to make. When I came across this very special bread book. The title of the book was Better Homes and Gardens Bread…
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The Wild Mustang
True Friends Are Hard To Come By In the open wilderness along with beauty elements of hard rains, rolling thunder the bolts of lighting Re all around. The predator looks for the next meal or to capture its prize. A mustang runs the distance alone no other horses in site,…
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Easy Diet Change
So many times we come across ads that tell us how to lose weight, how to exercise. Eat this don't eat that Geeeez make my head spin. I spent most of my life try to keep it simple but as you get older your body changes and before you know…
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