JoAnne Adrian (Street Articles Author)

So, about me…

Jack of ALL... Master of some...

I am a daughter, mother,sister, grandma who has a passion for all things creative. I am a dressmaker and do this on a daily basis and I also love to garden.

With my children having flown the coop, it is time for me and what I love to do and I love to sew and garden. Nothing has pleasured me more over the years than to provide fresh vegetables to family, friends, and neighbors (and even the local food bank when things sometimes get a little out of control).

Fresh, organic nonhybrid vegetables from the garden to table, when the nutrition content and natural sugars are still in them. The taste difference is amazing. And to watch my preschool grandchildren pick fresh produce and put it straight in their mouths is a wonderful feeling. They love it, and the good part is I never have a problem with them eating their vegetables when they stay, unless of course, they decide that they prefer them raw.

To me, the rewards that go hand in hand with growing your own vegetables is limitless and so easy. Don’t let the fear of never having done it before scare you… It is a bit like riding a bike… so give it a go, your family will thank you for it. Just give it a go.

I am now known by friends and neighbors as organic Jo, and I do my best to live up to this title. With the few resources, I have available… food scraps for both compost and chickens, autumn leaves and lawn clippings for compost and mulch, newspaper to shred for the nesting boxes and for the compost, crushed egg shells for keeping slugs and snails away… and the list goes on.

So, let me support you in your venture and Congratulations in advance for giving it a go.



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