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I sincerely thank you for reading this bio and for your interest in my articles. I have been interested in writing since early in my life. However, it is only recently that I have shared my writing publicly.

I am a firm believer in maintaining a positive mind in order to live a positive life. I am intrigued by this great gift of the mind that God has given us, and I have spent the past few years studying its life changing power.

It is my intention with these articles to share my knowledge and empower my readers with ways to use the power of the mind to improve all areas of life.

My name is Joe, but I believe that doesn't mean life has to be average. I invite you to take the journey with me to take your life to a higher level : )

A Simple Way To Remove Your Fears
I’m going to begin this article in a way I’ve never started one before. I’m going to use and discuss the “f” word. No! Not THAT f word, but another one that I think is actually worse. What is that dreaded word? It is….fear. Why is fear so bad? After…
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