Joe Henning (Street Articles Author)

I grew up and grew almost old in South Africa, where I was born an entrepreneur and never worked for a boss and really, really never wanted to. However, since the middle of 2010, Lyndi and I have been privileged to have travelled to England, Northern Ireland, the Caribbean island of Antigua and recently even found ourselves meeting friendly people at various places in the US. We enjoyed the balmy weather in Panama City Beach, Florida and also enjoyed spending time in New York, Washington, West Virginia and hopefully soon the neon lights of Houston!

During the time in Antigua a website about the island and what happens came about and we're very proud that every single photo we needed to use, bar one, were taken by me or my wife and we still change them around every now and again, because the island and it's people are just such a pleasure. A fluffy little animal gave rise to another website, as did a small health challenge - we hope you peruse them and find something useful in all of them. We'll appreciate to even hear from you too!

One needs to keep and stay fit even while traveling and we both like to walk a few miles every day, weather permitting and otherwise keep our minds busy and active with writing, reading, building websites, mostly to promote some or other good cause or even good products, which we get paid for if someone orders and pays for something they found via our websites. They tell me anybody can do it and hope you also give it a shot one day, and when you do, to contact me first!

Here's for hoping you enjoy the musings, opinions, wines, gripes and other assorted rants and raves attached to my name here at StreetArticles.

Is Material Possessions A Sign Of Success?
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Protect Your Children From The Sun
The snow will eventually all melt, the winter will turn into summer and the sun will start to burn our skins, including the children’s and normally the smaller a child, the more the possibility they will be playing outside and be exposed to the sun. That means they need more…
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Winter In Antigua
It is just not fair that the weather in Antigua is always so flippin' nice! In the US records are being broken of daily 'highs' below zero and in some places temperatures have not been this low in 4 years! In Antigua, on the other hand temperatures are hovering well…
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