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About the author: Joe Pruskowski is a member of the team at We provide innovative and engaging online Drivers Ed for teens pursuing their drivers permit. Our program takes students on a virtual road trip across the U.S. where they learn the knowledge and skills to get their drivers permit on the  first attempt and to become a safe driver.

Selecting An Online Drivers Ed Program
There are many online drivers ed programs available and doing a search will show a large number of programs ready to train teens how to drive. However, there is a wide variance in the style and type of training available for the online world. The programs range from simple presentations…
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Driving While Texting - Worse Than Suspected
Even though it is common knowledge that DWT (Driving While Texting) is dangerous, most simply ignore the additional danger as it always happens to the "other guy". Since teens text more often than adults they are particularly prone to DWT. And if you couple this with teens' lack of driving…
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Causes Of Teen Driver Crashes
There is a fundamental misunderstanding of why teen drivers crash and this takes the focus off the real causes. Hint – it is NOT speeding as is commonly believed. What prompted me to write about this topic is that a short while ago a local teen died in a collision…
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The Roundabouts Are Coming
Roundabouts have been utilized as a road construction element throughout Europe for many decades and only recently has the U.S. been using these constructs. Not only are roundabouts more efficient, but they are safer as well. So after you've had a chance to see the stats I hope you'll agree…
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