Joe W Layton (Street Articles Author)

After retiring I decided to write various pieces concerning my experiences through 65 + years of life. I have been a regional manager of two fortune 500 companies, taught school, served in the Air Force in Vietnam, raised four children on my own for 17 + years along with owning and operating my own live bait & tackle business. I will be attempting to write poetry, short stories and some articles on opinions I have relating to the problems we face in this society today. Most or all of my work will reflect my experiences and transitions throughout my life. If you like my works please let me know and if you find anything wrong please communicate it to me. I am not easily offended and will welcome critical analysis of anything I do. Hopefully I can learn from my mistakes and become better at writing. Please enjoy.

Love On The Misty Sea
In my youth, I remember swimming in the pale moonlight as I floated gently through the misty night. Gliding to and fro, I felt my delight grow, as I saw a lithe figure in the moonlight all aglow. She was beautiful beyond compare as I peered upwards at her raven…
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