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Military veteran who became interested in health and nutrition while in the military. Worked for many years in construction and the oilfield. Going back to college. First two years was a history major, but now switching over to something medical (more job security)probably nutritionist. Love reading especially non-fiction but do still have a soft spot for Louis L'amour and Dean Koontz. Love to write about a variety of subjects and have a natural curiosity about everything and always interested in learning something new.

What is Sensa?
Sensa Weight Loss System Sensa was developed by a doctor to cause taste and smell stimulation. The theory is that by using “tastants” to fool your sense of smell and taste, you will eat less. If you eat less, then you will obviously lose some weight. The Sensa website states…
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How To Lose Pregnancy Weight
Drop The Pounds After Pregnancy So, you've had your baby and he/she is healthy and all you expected, plus more. With the addition of a new child you now have an unaccountable number of things to take care of and worry about. The baby is obviously number 1, but what…
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Independent Critical Thinkers
Definition of Critical Thinking When many people think of critical thinking they get ideas about abstract logic and reasoning or some type of deep philosophy. Too many people are of the opinion that critical thinking or reasoning is fit only for academia and academics. This viewpoint couldn’t be further from…
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Think Your Way To Weight Loss
Lose Weight Logically Fairly often you will hear the phrase critical thinking or critical reasoning thrown around, usually in reference to education or intelligence, or lack of. What exactly is critical thinking and reasoning and what is its value? The best and shortest explanation is the ability to deconstruct an…
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Gastric Bypass Surgery
Dealing With Obesity The most performed type of surgery for weight loss is gastric bypass surgery. During surgery changes are made to the stomach and digestive system. These changes will cut back the amount of food your body can take in and process. This may sound like a wonderful thing…
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Learn Critical Thinking And Reasoning
Thoughtful Evaluation After reading several books and aritcles on critical thinking and reasoning, I've become interested in fully evaluating and looking at a variety of subjects in a new and deeper light. Being fairly well read and reasonably intelligent I'm amazed at how obvious flaws and contradictions in many well…
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Natural And Healthy Weight Loss
How To Lose Weight Naturally People who are fighting an ever expanding waist line can sometimes resort to extreme measures to drop that excess weight. Starvation, crazy pill popping, and surgery; people take high health risks to lose weight. First, lets understand what is meant by natural weight loss. It's…
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How To Learn
Critical Thinking and Reasoning Wondering about our commonly held learning methods might seem silly, but it's actually a very important and timely topic. No matter how much money we throw at our educational system, the U.S. still ranks embarrassingly low in test scores. It's not just the children either, adults…
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The Importance of Improving Your Critical Thinking Skills
A good definition of critical thinking is the aptitude for investigating and evaluating data using reason and intellect to arrive at a common sense solution.
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Swimming And Weight Loss
Is swimming the best way to exercise? It's easy on the body and yet involves almost all of a person's muscle groups. It's a cardio and muscle building activity. Does this mean it's a good way to lose weight? There has been some questions about how efficient swimming is at…
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