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How to Define Community?
What is a community? Most people like you and me live and work together in communities. Our world is made up of thousands of communities both large and small. A community is a group of people who live together in a certain place and who have many interests in common.…
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21st Century Titanic
2013 happens to be a landmark year as it marks the 101th anniversary of the sinking of the Grand Ship"The R.M.S Titanic". The vessel , which hit upon headlines across the world on the year 1912 for the historic launch has been under the sea for over a century ,…
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A One Step to Avoiding Female Breast Cancer
Cause of Breast Cancer and its Prevention Women are suffering from Breast Cancer issues and it really haunts us as to where from these Cancer cells originate. As we all know Plastic products are harmful for the environment as well as to the body. This being said, let me move…
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What Parents Should Be Doing If Their Teen Seems Sexually Active Or Frustrated?
A Two Way Guide for the Parents. Various reasons come out as to why todays teens seem sexually active or frustrated these days. Problems having in control of their sex drive (Being teens there is always a high probability of failing to Sexual Urges) Controlling their emotions ( Over the…
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