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I am a Full time Teacher and part time spending my time on the web Reviewing Products and Insights. Please do comment on my articles it means a lot. I hope that my articles are helpful.

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Breast Cancer Risks
Studies say there is a link between working long hours at night and the risks of women breast cancer. Women who were working on night shifts for almost 30 years ave been diagnosed for cancer twice the rate than women who never worked at night. Coincidence? Of-Course not. So what…
By:  in  Cancer  >  Breast Cancer   Sep 06, 2013  
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Volkswagen Eco The Aqua Concept
The Eco Friendly Car As most of us think that driving a car off-road would make our cars a little messier than we'd like. Though Monster Jeeps & Monster 4x4s, tumbling over rocks & river seem to be a beautiful thing. So maybe how about a vehicle boasting a bit…
By:  in  News and Society  >  Eco Innovations   Aug 15, 2013  
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