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Hey guys! I'm John Seymore, and my specialty is in dating and relationships. I spent much of my teen years struggling to get dates. I think in all of high school I only went on 1 date, yes I know it's pathetic. Then after high school, I went to college, where I was determined to turn around my long streak of being single. However, just a change of location didn't help. I was still the exact same way- awkward, nervous, and still single. After some time I began to feel depressed at being rejected so many times by women. The few I felt comfortable talking to wanted to “just be friends.” I began to think if I should lower my standards, and that maybe I should settle for “good enough.” While this thread of thought continued in my head for several months. I had the chance encounter with someone who had lived on my floor freshman year (we were both juniors now). He looked completely different than he did when I had first met him. My freshman year me and my friend were compadres in girl-lessness. We were both average to below average in looks, although we were physically fit, we didn't have huge muscles, and we definitely didn't have tons of money. However something had happened to my friend in 2 years that hadn't happened to me...he was somehow successful with women. I incessantly questioned him for the next 2 months about what to do. Finally probably just to get me to stop pestering him, he said “why don't we go out and you can see how I interact with women.” After a few weeks of passive observation I began to develop my own system and methodology. I kept going to parties and analyzing my interactions and strove for continual self improvement. After a month it paid off...I got a girls phone number. After I knew I was on the right track, I continued to perfect my methods until I was able to find a gorgeous woman (who was also intelligent) whom I asked to be my girlfriend (she said yes). At that point I realized I didn't need to be super attractive, have big muscles, or tons of cash...I was by most accounts very average and normal. That realization alone has led me into many relationships and I must say in some cases drama. However, I welcome it...I know that I am genuinely happier with women in my life than I was before. I now feel the time has come to give back, and help people who are in similar situations to the one I was in.
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