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The author is retired being too old to do anything useful. He was an engineering professor at Iowa State University, an executive for a Fortune 500 Company, a writer of technical books and novels, and he dabbles in art, studies birds, takes tons of photographs some of which he paints in landscapes, does church work, takes care of his aging wife and other such mundane things.

He has written many hundreds of articles on many subjects of which over half-million people have actually read. He was editor of an international engineering magazine. Jones was born in Salt Lake City and served with the 17th Infantry Regimental Combat Team in Korea (1951-52) as forward observer (mortars), platoon sergeant and field first sergeant. He graduated from the University of Utah in 1957 in engineering. He worked at Coors Porcelain (now Coors Ceramics) in Golden, Colorado working on technical ceramics for the aerospace, nuclear, electronic industries, etc. He returned to the U of U in 1962 and graduated with a Ph.D. in 1965.

Jones worked for Vesuvius Crucible Company in Pittsburgh before taking a teaching position at Iowa State University. He stayed there for eight years leaving to go back into industry so he could make enough money to send his kids to college. He worked in CA and PA before moving to New Jersey where he worked and lived for 20 years. He retired to AZ for the "good life" but a dangerous heart surgery (according to his doctor sons)dictated that he an his wife move closer to a child so they moved to Idaho. However, the surgery failed to kill him so he may as well have stayed in AZ where the weather was much kinder.

Jones was an avid scouter but now he can't keep up with the boys. He can't even keep up with the old lady next door. But he likes marketing so he keeps pushing the system. He now has a big interest in health care and nutrition. Please take a look a his web sites.

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God, The Big Bang Theory And Planet Earth
Some years ago I sent an email to Stephen Hawking, the wheel-chair bound cosmologist who studies the origins of the universe. I told him that what occurred at the beginning could not be according to my understanding of what is called The Big Bang Theory. One of his associates emailed…
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Funny Things to Post on Facebook
Facebook® is one place to post and stay in contact with friends, acquaintances and family members. Sometimes we see something funny on Facebook and would like to have funny things to post on Facebook ourselves. Actually, Facebook would not be the first place I would look for something funny. Maybe…
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How I Got Started In Business
When I was a kid my friend came over and said, "Get your wagon." His name is Paul and we are still in contact after all these years. Paul was the kind of guy who wanted everything in his favor. He would not play for my marbles unless we were…
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Century Of Miracles
When my father was born early in 1900 above a saloon in Bountiful, Utah (now a historical site), there were no cars outside on the street, no electric lights, no telephone on the wall, none of the things that we take for granted today. Shortly thereafter, he was kidnapped by…
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Japan Surrenders V J Day
I was thirteen (13) years old when WWII ended, shortly after we dropped the first atomic bomb on Japan's cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. My brother who had just survived Kamikaze pilots and a typhoon at Okinawa, was safe. I didn't think of the charred and vaporized and fire-blistered and…
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Read Earnest Hemingway
Earnest Hemingway lived here in Idaho just an hours drive north of our home in Buhl. He had a home in Ketchum, Idaho below Sun Valley and his two famous granddaughters of son Jack Hemingway, Margaux and Mariel, were raised in that home. When you get up our way, you…
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Instant Pay Paypal Affiliate Programs
The title is a misnomer because PayPal is really an Internet bank that services clients worldwide by collecting and dispersing funds according to the wishes of their clients. PayPal services vendors by collecting payments, and if the vendor has an affiliate program, they could pay affiliates according to the instructions…
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Business Means to Serve
There are so many crooks in big business, some graduates of our finest business schools, that dishonesty, deception and chicanery are the norm. Bate and switch is now in our common vernacular and we see one company accusing another of deception even on television. Some companies know that business means…
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Field Of Dreams Internet Marketing
What People Say When folks come into Internet Marketing (IM) they usually have some thing to say about it. Here are some comments which were not made recently because I did not want to give any clues to who these people are. In fact, deletions and insertions were made: “It…
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Golf for Old People
You can start golf at any time in life. Tiger Woods started playing with his daddy when he was four years old. His father was an African American, a veteran who married a Japanese women. Tiger learned how to play golf from his father but he inherited his desire for…
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