John T Jones, Ph.D. (Street Articles Author)

The author is retired being too old to do anything useful. He was an engineering professor at Iowa State University, an executive for a Fortune 500 Company, a writer of technical books and novels, and he dabbles in art, studies birds, takes tons of photographs some of which he paints in landscapes, does church work, takes care of his aging wife and other such mundane things.

He has written many hundreds of articles on many subjects of which over half-million people have actually read. He was editor of an international engineering magazine. Jones was born in Salt Lake City and served with the 17th Infantry Regimental Combat Team in Korea (1951-52) as forward observer (mortars), platoon sergeant and field first sergeant. He graduated from the University of Utah in 1957 in engineering. He worked at Coors Porcelain (now Coors Ceramics) in Golden, Colorado working on technical ceramics for the aerospace, nuclear, electronic industries, etc. He returned to the U of U in 1962 and graduated with a Ph.D. in 1965.

Jones worked for Vesuvius Crucible Company in Pittsburgh before taking a teaching position at Iowa State University. He stayed there for eight years leaving to go back into industry so he could make enough money to send his kids to college. He worked in CA and PA before moving to New Jersey where he worked and lived for 20 years. He retired to AZ for the "good life" but a dangerous heart surgery (according to his doctor sons)dictated that he an his wife move closer to a child so they moved to Idaho. However, the surgery failed to kill him so he may as well have stayed in AZ where the weather was much kinder.

Jones was an avid scouter but now he can't keep up with the boys. He can't even keep up with the old lady next door. But he likes marketing so he keeps pushing the system. He now has a big interest in health care and nutrition. Please take a look a his web sites.

P.S. Hey! Thanks for dropping by! John

How I Got Lost on the Road to the Internet Marketing Pot Of Gold
Do you remember that Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow? When I was a little kid, I probably believed it was there and that if I ran quickly across the celery patch, I could reach in and fill my pockets with gold coins. Well, I did believe…
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Understanding Relativity for Old People
My father was a great student, a perpetual student who spent many an hour in evenings in the classrooms of the University of Utah. He earned so many credits over the years on his own program that the University awarded him a special degree. He usually was memorizing lessons when…
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Mitt Romney Family Dog Top Car
I guess some years back Mitt Romney planned a family trip to Canada, a 12-hour ride Since there was no room in the car, he put his dog in a dog kennel, provided it with a windshield, and strapped the kennel to the the top of the car. Why he…
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Decathlon Olympics Training for Old People
The word decathlon means 10-events designed to destroy the human body. That includes the neck, back, elbows, wrist, hips, knees and ankles. However, winning a major decathlon could mean getting your name, picture, and cereal- eating-history on a box of Wheaties®. Now l buy Wheaties® by the case so if…
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A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to the Baseball No Hitter
In 1956 I worked in Worcester, MA with a schoolmate from the University of Utah where we had just finished our Junior year and were on a summer engineering internship at the Norton Company. With two other students, we rented a cottage on Turkey Hill Pond where I was chief…
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The Internet Marketing Company
Do you want to start an internet marketing business? Do you know how to start an internet marketing business? This article is to help you fulfill your desire and to get you on your way. Internet businesses start in different ways. Let's take a look at them: 1. From an…
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What is Amazon Kindle Fire?
Amazon's Kindle Fire is a mini-computer with a dual processor that will allow you to read books downloaded online, download music, games, magazines and such. You can browse the Internet in bright sunlight. And it is in full color. It has about 6 gigabytes of free memory suitable for most…
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Internet Marketing Online Affiliate Programs
Affiliate marketing is marketing as a representative of a company. You promote their products and they pay you a commission on each sale. True affiliates actually do not sell as much as they provide relevant information to a keyword search. So before we take off on internet marketing online affiliate…
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Amazon Kindall Fire
I was bone in 1932 so I was born in a world of now television and not computers or guided missiles or supersonic aircraft and know one knew of quarks and bosons. I was thirteen when the first Atomic bombs went off, throwing us into the Atomic Age. I became…
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Free Affiliate Marketing Training
When people get to the point where they would like to learn how to market on the Internet they already have a business they want to promote, or they just want to get on the internet to learn how to earn some money. Those who do not have a business…
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