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The author is retired being too old to do anything useful. He was an engineering professor at Iowa State University, an executive for a Fortune 500 Company, a writer of technical books and novels, and he dabbles in art, studies birds, takes tons of photographs some of which he paints in landscapes, does church work, takes care of his aging wife and other such mundane things.

He has written many hundreds of articles on many subjects of which over half-million people have actually read. He was editor of an international engineering magazine. Jones was born in Salt Lake City and served with the 17th Infantry Regimental Combat Team in Korea (1951-52) as forward observer (mortars), platoon sergeant and field first sergeant. He graduated from the University of Utah in 1957 in engineering. He worked at Coors Porcelain (now Coors Ceramics) in Golden, Colorado working on technical ceramics for the aerospace, nuclear, electronic industries, etc. He returned to the U of U in 1962 and graduated with a Ph.D. in 1965.

Jones worked for Vesuvius Crucible Company in Pittsburgh before taking a teaching position at Iowa State University. He stayed there for eight years leaving to go back into industry so he could make enough money to send his kids to college. He worked in CA and PA before moving to New Jersey where he worked and lived for 20 years. He retired to AZ for the "good life" but a dangerous heart surgery (according to his doctor sons)dictated that he an his wife move closer to a child so they moved to Idaho. However, the surgery failed to kill him so he may as well have stayed in AZ where the weather was much kinder.

Jones was an avid scouter but now he can't keep up with the boys. He can't even keep up with the old lady next door. But he likes marketing so he keeps pushing the system. He now has a big interest in health care and nutrition. Please take a look a his web sites.

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Supermarket Tricks And Traps
Supermarkets are in business to make money. They know what their shoppers want and how to milk the most out of them. They know the supermarket tricks and traps to snare unsuspecting shoppers. When I go into Big Box store, I love to test the snacks being served by little…
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Health Tips for Seniors
I’m eighty (80) years old so I must be a senior. And since I’ve had bypass surgery twice and I have an artificial aortic valve, sleep apnea, allergies and Type II Diabetes, I guess I am also an expert. And then I’ve been consulting with dermatologist and plastic surgeons for…
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Field Identification Field Guides
This world is full of wonderful things. Sometimes we go on vacation just to look at God’s great creations. Some are majestic and may require binoculars or a telescope to look closely at them. Others are tiny and may require a magnifying glass or microscope to to even see them.…
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Internet Marketing Business Plan: II Finding Business Help
I suggest that you learn something about business before you go into business on the Internet. You will be managing your resources dire as they may be. You may not realize that your brain and desires and ideas and experience are all resources just as much as those pennies in…
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Internet Marketing Business Plan: III Writing Your Plan
In the two previous parts we discussed business in general and business on the Internet. In this article we will get into more detail of an affiliate marketing plan. We will use the simple outline provided by my home state of Idaho. It is: Executive Summary: This should be placed…
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Internet Marketing Business Plan: I Introduction
I: Introduction This is the first part of this three part article about planning to market on the Internet. The start of any business begins with a dream of success. That dream turns into a business plan. It may be detailed or fragmented. Put there is a plan, good or…
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Wedding Coming Up? Want to Lose Belly Fat?
Sometimes we have a reason to look in the mirror. We are so heavy we are making dents in the lawn with our shoes which fill with water and attract mosquitoes . We want to push our self away from the table, but we can’t reach the table. We zip…
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Some Foods to Eat to Lose Belly Fat
We are what we eat and we get all kinds of advice on what to eat to control our weight and what foods to eat to lose belly fat. Are there foods we should stay away from too? Well, we shouldn’t just be thinking about our weight, we should be…
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What Foods to Eat to Lose Belly Fat
Do you know what foods to eat to lose belly fat and which foods to avoid? I guess the best answer would be to eat what you want but not too much of anything. However, there are foods to resist and foods you should eat. Do You Like the Color…
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Private College Student Loan
The cost of education is tremendous now days. I came out of college owing only a small amount on a loan from the University of Utah Financial Aid Office. I had the GI Bill for some of the time and I always worked part time jobs. My wife also worked.…
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