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The Shocking Truth About Seal Team 6 And No Easy Day!
A Little History The beginnings of Seal Team 6 date back to the failed attempt to rescue hostages in Iran in 1980. Afterward, the Navy decided there was a need for a full time Counter Terrorist unit. Richard Marcinko, a Navy representative for a task force called TAT (Terrorist Action…
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No Easy Day - Not A Good Day for Seal Team 6
Controversy and Concern Brandon Webb's response to No Easy Day is... "This is not a good day for Seal Team Six." Webb a former Navy Seal himself and author of his own memoir, "The Red Circle," goes on to say " that the No Easy Day author has compromised the…
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Get Thundershirt For Dogs Fireworks Help
Most dog owners know or at least have heard that dogs have very sensitive hearing, much more so than we humans. Some noises can cause your dog to suffer from what is called canine noise anxiety. This can be brought on by many things such as thunderstorms, backfiring car exhausts,…
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Here is Your Crate Training for Older Dogs Checklist
When it comes to crate training for older dogs the how's and why's are often much the same as for puppies. Yet it is not the first thought that comes to mind for many pet owners of older canines. When most folks think of older dogs their perception may be…
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Hunger Games Movie Cast Phenomenon
The Hunger Games movie cast will no doubt remain buzz-worthy for some time to come. The film adaptation of the Suzanne Collins book series, first published in 2008, appears to be on track to outpace previous blockbusters including the ever popular Harry Potter series. Topping the box office for three…
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