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How to Stay Focused
Chances are that if your reading this little article I wrote your probably just like me. It’s ok though, because you’re human, we all are human. Being focused and motivated isn’t nearly as easy as saying forget this Shit! I’m about to hop on this call a duty and then…
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Want To Be A Music Producer
Some guys want to be a producer and would like to know what it takes to become one. Being a producer is different from being a rap or singing artist. What they all have incomin is that there all different pieces to the big puzzle an thats music. Being a…
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Super Producer Lex Luger
All who want to make it big bad enough can achieve, just that. Along with other examples of turning dreams into careers and those careers into cashing phat checks. Another young guy stepped on the seen proving your never to young to bust out on the for front and show…
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How Swizz Beatz became a Music Producer
There are many music producers in the music industry right now. They all have unique different styles, the way they put there stamp in the game. Theirs always room for more talent out there as well. Most of  all the famous music producers who made it, all had to go…
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